10 Facts to Consider Before Hiring a Modesto Car Crash Lawyer

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If you’ve been injured in a car crash in Modesto, it is important that you speak with a lawyer promptly. But, it is also extremely important that you make an informed decision about your legal representation. With this in mind, there are several facts you should consider before hiring a Modesto car crash lawyer—which we cover in detail below.

In addition to making sure you know these facts, there are some other important pieces of information you should know about hiring a Modesto car accident lawyer as well. Ultimately, the key is to choose wisely, and to do so promptly before you run out of time.

Here Are 10 Important Facts to Know Before You Hire a Modesto Car Crash Lawyer

So, what do you need to know when choosing an attorney to represent you? Here are 10 important facts to know before you hire a Modesto car crash lawyer:

1. Paying for Advertising Doesn’t Make a Lawyer Good at Representing Clients

Lots of lawyers want your business, and many of them are willing to pay for it. This will be obvious if you search for “Modesto car crash lawyer” online.

But, paying for advertising doesn’t make a lawyer good at representing clients. In fact, some lawyers pay so much for advertising because they struggle to get clients other ways. So, just because a lawyer appears first in your search results, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is the best lawyer for you.

2. Many Lawyers Take on Large Caseloads and Provide Minimal Personal Service

The lawyers who pay the most for advertising get lots of clients. But, while this is good for them, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. If a lawyer has a large caseload, this limits the amount of time he or she can devote to each individual client.

As a client, you need personal service. You need your lawyer to accurately calculate your losses, and you need your lawyer to do everything he or she can to maximize your car accident settlement. If your lawyer is too busy, you run the risk of not getting the quality of representation you need to recover the financial compensation you deserve.

3. Virtually All Modesto Car Crash Lawyers Provide Free Consultations

Some Modesto car crash attorneys advertise the fact that they offer free consultations. But, what these advertisements omit is the fact that virtually all attorneys provide free consultations for car crash claims. If you are trying to choose who you want representing you, you shouldn’t have to pay before you make your decision.

4. Virtually All Modesto Car Crash Lawyers Provide Contingency-Fee Representation

Some Modesto car crash attorneys also advertise the fact that they provide contingency-fee representation (i.e., “You only pay if we win.”). But, this is also standard practice. In fact, if an attorney asks you to pay a retainer or make a deposit for costs up front, this should be a red flag.

Not all lawyer advertisements are misleading, and most law firms simply promote what they offer without making comparisons to their competition. But, as a client, you need to feel confident that your law firm isn’t hiding the ball, and that you can trust your lawyer implicitly.

5. A Lawyer’s Past Results are Not Indicative of Future Success

One way many Modesto car crash law firms do try to compare themselves to their competition is by touting their results. Many firms will claim to have won hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in financial compensation for their clients.

While these numbers might be impressive, they say nothing about the value of your claim. They also say nothing about the firm’s ability to help you recover financial compensation—at all. When meeting with a Modesto car accident attorney, it is imperative that you ask plenty of questions focused on what the attorney can do for you.

6. Client Testimonials Can Be Informative, But Also Misleading

Another way some Modesto car crash law firms try to distinguish themselves is by publishing client testimonials. These testimonials can be helpful, and learning about past clients’ experiences can be informative for your decision.

But, testimonials can also be misleading. This is most common when law firms cherry-pick the clients they ask to provide them. Law firms may also choose only to publish favorable reviews while ignoring reviews that have less than four or five stars.

7. Your First Interaction with a Lawyer Can Tell You a Lot

Given that the information you find on a law firm’s website will only tell you a small amount of what you need to know, how can you make an informed decision? The best way is to actually speak with a Modesto car accident lawyer one-on-one.

Your first interaction with a lawyer can tell you a lot—from whether the lawyer is taking your case seriously to whether you feel comfortable telling the lawyer personal information. If you don’t have a good feeling, this isn’t something to ignore. You will be working closely with your lawyer, and you will be relying heavily on your lawyer for your physical, psychological, and financial recovery. As a result, you need to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the lawyer’s competence and commitment to your case.

8. Your Choice of Legal Representation Matters

We’ve touched on this already, but it is worth repeating: Your choice of legal representation matters—a lot. Not all lawyers are equally qualified to represent you. Hiring a lawyer who doesn’t have the time or the interest in taking your case seriously can be an extremely costly mistake. Again, the best way to assess whether a lawyer will be able to help you win your case is to schedule a free consultation.

9. You Should Not Be Intimated or Shy about Contacting a Modesto Car Crash Lawyer

Many people are hesitant to schedule a free consultation because they are either intimidated or shy about contacting a Modesto car crash attorney. While some lawyers can be intimidating, most aren’t. Most lawyers who represent car accident victims understand what their clients are going through, and they know their clients need a calming presence in their lives. Good lawyers take these kinds of practicalities seriously and make a conscious effort to make their clients feel as comfortable as possible.

10. A Reputable Lawyer Will Be Up-Front about Your Case

No lawyer can guarantee success, and no lawyer will be able to provide a complete assessment of your claim’s value during your free initial consultation. But, too many unclear, ambiguous, or incomplete answers should also be a red flag.

A reputable lawyer will be up-front about your case. This includes being up-front about what the lawyer knows and what the lawyer doesn’t know. If a lawyer tries to string you along or wants you to sign an engagement agreement before giving you “too much” free information, you will most likely be better off choosing another lawyer.

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