Modesto Car Accident Lawyer

Modesto Car Accident Lawyer

Do you need help recovering from a car accident in Modesto? Here you will learn about:

Do You Need a Modesto Car Accident Attorney?

Car accident victims calling their lawyer in Modesto.If you’ve been injured in a car accident in California, an experienced Modesto car accident lawyer can help make sure you receive the financial compensation you deserve. While you have clear legal rights under California law, protecting your legal rights is not easy, and you need to be careful to avoid falling for the insurance companies’ tactics.

Were You Injured in a Car Accident in Modesto?

In many cases, car accident victims are entitled to significant financial compensation. But, collecting just compensation requires experienced legal representation. Modesto car accident lawyers are available to speak with you 24/7, and you can get a free consultation through

Like all car accident lawyers in California, Modesto car accident lawyers work on a contingency-fee basis. With contingency fee representation, you only pay if you win, and you get to decide when to settle your claim (or if you want to take your claim to court).

How much can a lawyer help you recover? Find out now:

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What Should You Do After a Car Accident in Modesto?

While Modesto car accident attorneys can handle many aspects of your claim for you, there are some important steps you need to take on your own. Some of the most-important steps you should take as soon as possible include:

  • Get Medical Treatment – In order to protect your health and your claim for financial compensation, you should see a doctor right away.
  • Report Your Accident – You should report the accident to your insurance company promptly. You may also need to report your accident to the police and/or the California DMV.
  • Schedule a Free Consultation – The first step for getting help from a Modesto car accident attorney is to schedule a free consultation. Click the button below to do this online 24/7.

What Should You NOT Do After a Car Accident in Modesto?

In addition to taking the steps listed above, you also need to be sure to avoid mistakes that could jeopardize your financial recovery. Following a car accident in Modesto, you should not:

  • Ignore Your Doctor’s Advice – Many people choose to ignore their doctor’s advice, whether this means delaying treatment or not filling their prescriptions. If you have a claim for compensation, ignoring your doctor’s advice could mean losing out on compensation you deserve.
  • Post About the Accident Online – You will want to keep the details of the accident between you and your Modesto car accident lawyer. This means that you should avoid posting anything about the accident on social media.
  • Wait to Contact a Lawyer – In order to maximize your chances of securing a financial recovery, you need to speak with a Modesto car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will need to investigate promptly, and you will need to rely on your lawyer’s advice to avoid other costly mistakes.

5 Ways You Can Lose Your Car Insurance Claim

While many people believe that filing an insurance claim after an accident is easy (because this is what the insurance companies tell you), this is not the case. In fact, it is extremely difficult to recover full compensation, and you will need the advice and representation of an experienced Modesto car accident lawyer every step of the way.

What can go wrong if you don’t hire a Modesto car accident attorney to represent you? Here are five ways you can lose your car insurance claim:

1. You Wait Too Long

Waiting too long to do almost anything can make it more difficult, if not impossible, to recover financial compensation for your car accident. This applies to everything from filing your insurance claim to hiring an attorney to conduct an investigation. If you don’t have the evidence you need, or if the statute of limitations for your claim expires, the insurance company isn’t going to pay.

2. You Let the Insurance Company Take Control

If you let the insurance company take control of your claim, it will not pay the full compensation you are owed—if it pays anything at all. It most certainly will not pay compensation for your future accident-related costs (i.e. medical bills), nor will it offer compensation for your pain and suffering, emotional trauma, loss of enjoyment of life, and other non-financial losses.

3. You Say the Wrong Thing

One of the insurance companies’ favorite ways to deny car accident claims is by using victims’ own words against them. If you say the wrong thing—to your insurance adjuster or online—you can be certain that the insurance company will use it against you.

One of the most-common examples is admitting fault. Even if you don’t know whether you were at fault, if you say that you think you might have been at fault, this can be enough to create challenges with your claim.

4. You Aren’t Diligent about Pursuing Your Claim

When you have an insurance claim, you need to stay on top of it. If you don’t, this will lead to unnecessary delays, you will find it difficult to keep track of what has happened, and these factors may ultimately lead to a denial. Most people don’t have the stamina to deal with the insurance companies for as long as it takes to secure just compensation. A Modesto car accident attorney can manage your claim for you and do what is necessary on your behalf.

5. You Accept a Low-Ball Settlement

Losing your car accident claim doesn’t just mean recovering no financial compensation. It also means recovering less than you deserve. If you don’t hire a Modesto car accident attorney to represent you, you won’t know what constitutes “just compensation,” and you could easily end up accepting a low-ball settlement.

5 Ways Modesto Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

An attorney handling a car accident case in Modesto.Given everything that can go wrong, it is extremely important to have an experienced lawyer on your side. To recap, here are five important ways that Modesto car accident lawyers can help you after a serious collision:

1. Taking All Necessary Action On Time

Investigating, filing an insurance claim, seeing a good doctor, filing a lawsuit if necessary—these are all steps that need to be taken on time in order to assert your legal rights. Modesto car accident attorneys can make sure that delays don’t end up reducing or eliminating your financial recovery.

2. Dealing with the Insurance Companies for You

Modesto car accident attorneys can deal with the insurance companies for you from the moment you are involved in a serious collision. When you hire an attorney, your attorney will deal with your adjuster directly so you don’t have to worry about saying something that could jeopardize your claim.

3. Accurately Calculating Your Losses

In order to make informed decisions, you need to know how much you are entitled to recover. An experienced attorney can help accurately calculate your financial and non-financial accident-related losses.

4. Negotiating for a Fair Settlement

In order to obtain a fair settlement, you will need to hire an experienced attorney to negotiate on your behalf. If you don’t, the insurance companies won’t take you seriously, and they won’t offer the full amount you are owed.

5. Making Sure You Receive Just Compensation

If you don’t receive a fair settlement offer, your lawyer can take your insurance claim to court. Your attorney can also determine if you have other claims (i.e. a claim for a vehicle defect or road hazard) that you can use to maximize your financial recovery.

5 Important Facts about Recovering from a Modesto Car Accident

If you’ve been injured in a Modesto car accident, there is a lot you need to know. Here are five important facts about recovering from a car accident in Modesto, CA:

1. A Modesto Law Firm Will Handle Your Case at No Out-of-Pocket Cost

A Modesto law firm will handle your case on a contingency-fee basis. This means that you can get experienced legal representation at no out-of-pocket cost. You won’t pay a retainer or any monthly legal bills, and you won’t pay anything unless your law firm helps you recover just compensation.

2. Car Accident Lawyers in Modesto are Available to Speak with You 24/7

You can get in touch with a car accident lawyer in Modesto 24/7 through If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it is extremely important that you speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. Car accident lawyers in Modesto know this, and this is why many of them make themselves available around the clock.

3. You May Need to File a Modesto Accident Report

You will need to report your car accident to your insurance company; and, if the accident resulted in injuries or property damage in excess of $1,000, you will also need to report it to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If the police didn’t respond to the scene of the accident, you may also need to file a Modesto accident report with the local police or the California Highway Patrol (CHP). A lawyer can explain your obligations and file all necessary accident reports for you.

4. The Costs of a Modesto Car Accident Can Be Substantial

When you get injured in a car crash in Modesto, your costs can add up quickly. Most people don’t understand just how much their accidents will cost them. Not only can your medical bills quickly get out of hand; but, if you are unable to work, your other bills can begin to add up quickly as well. California law also allows accident victims to recover compensation for their emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and various other types of losses. Many victims of Modesto car accidents are entitled to recover tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars.

5. You Won’t Be Able to Negotiate a Fair Insurance Settlement on Your Own

Regardless of your insurance company and how much you are entitled to recover, you won’t be able to negotiate a fair settlement on your own. There are simply too many steps involved. From collecting evidence of liability to proving the long-term costs of your injuries, there are numerous steps you will need a car accident lawyer in Modesto to handle on your behalf.

Also, negotiating an insurance settlement might not be your only option. While you might have a claim against the other driver’s insurance company, you could also have one or more “third party” claims. These are claims against entities such as vehicle manufacturers and government agencies—which have significantly more insurance coverage than most drivers. If you’ve been seriously injured, engaging a Modesto law firm to file a third-party claim could be essential to your recovery.

When Can You Seek Compensation for a Car Accident in Modesto?

You’ve been injured in a collision. Can a Modesto car accident lawyer help you seek compensation? Accident victims in Modesto can seek compensation for a broad range of causes. This includes causes that are both driver and non-driver related.

Common Driver-Related Causes of Car Accidents

Most car accidents are caused by driver negligence. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that nearly 95% of car accidents result from driver-related factors. This includes factors such as:

Alcohol-Impaired Driving

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), more than 10% of fatal accidents in Modesto involve alcohol-impaired driving. This ranks second among the 56 cities in California with a population between 100,000 and 250,000.

The dangers of alcohol-impaired driving are very real. Unfortunately, this is a fact that many local residents and families know all too well. If you or a loved one was hit by a drunk driver, you deserve just compensation, and you should speak with a Modesto car accident attorney about your legal rights.

Drug-Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence of drugs can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. This applies to many different types of drugs—both legal and illegal.

Many types of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications can cause drowsiness and other side effects that can impair drivers’ abilities. Marijuana, while legal for recreational use in Modesto, can still cause impairments, and driving under the influence of marijuana is dangerous and illegal just like driving under the influence of alcohol. Driving under the influence of heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and other illegal drugs is also extremely dangerous. Regardless of the drug involved, if you were injured in a collision involving an impaired driver, an accident attorney in Modesto can help you.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is another leading cause of serious and fatal car accidents in Modesto. Under California law, it is illegal to use a handheld phone behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this does not stop people from texting, reading emails, and using social media apps while driving.

Distracted driving is negligent driving; and, since handheld phone use is illegal, it constitutes negligence per se. This means that if your Modesto car accident lawyer can prove the other driver was using his or her phone, this can be enough to establish a claim for just compensation.

Drowsy Driving (or Falling Asleep at the Wheel)

Driving while drowsy has been shown to have effects similar to driving while impaired. While most drowsy driving accidents occur in the early morning hours, they can (and do) happen any time of day. Lack of sleep and driving home after a long day of work are both common factors in accidents involving drowsy drivers or drivers who have fallen asleep behind the wheel. But, there is no excuse for putting others in danger, and victims of drowsy driving accidents can – and should hire a car accident attorney in Modesto to help them recover their losses.

Aggressive Driving

Just as there is no excuse for driving drunk, high, distracted, or drowsy, there is no excuse for driving aggressively. Aggressive driving is both illegal and negligent. This includes dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding excessively, and weaving through traffic. Road rage is considered a form of aggressive driving as well. Unfortunately, road range accidents are common in and around Modesto. Fortunately, drivers who engage in road rage can be held accountable, and a car accident lawyer in Modesto may even be able to help you claim punitive damages in some cases.

Careless or Reckless Driving

All forms of careless and reckless driving are negligent. If a driver can avoid causing an accident, then the driver should do so. This means that Modesto car accident lawyers can help crash victims recover just compensation for accidents that result from factors such as:

  • Merging or turning without signaling
  • Running red lights
  • Running stop signs
  • Speeding
  • Stopping or slowing down suddenly and for no reason

Common Vehicle-Related Causes of Car Accidents

While less common than driver-related causes, vehicle-related causes of car accidents are more common than most people realize. If your accident resulted from an issue with your vehicle or someone else’s a Modesto car accident attorney may be able to help you pursue a claim against a manufacturer, dealership, or repair shop. Examples of vehicle-related causes of car accidents include:

Brake Failures

Car accident lawyer in Modesto for accidents caused by vehicle problems

Brake failures can result from defects or maintenance issues. Defects can include faulty design, poor craftmanship, use of improper materials, and issues that cause brakes to overheat (and subsequently fail). Maintenance issues can include failure to replace worn brake pads, failure to properly bleed brakes, and errors during brake installation.

Tire Defects

Tire defects resulting in blowouts, delamination, uneven wear, and other issues can cause drivers to suddenly and unexpectedly lose control. Whether your accident resulted from an issue with one of your tires or a tire on another vehicle, you may have a claim for compensation. You will need to hire a car accident lawyer in Modesto to prove that a tire defect is responsible for your crash in order to pursue a claim against the manufacturer.

Maintenance Issues and Faulty Repairs

In addition to driving their vehicles safely, car, truck, and SUV owners in Modesto also have an obligation to ensure that their vehicles are safe for the road. Failure to conduct necessary maintenance can lead to brake failures, tire blowouts, and other issues resulting in dangerous, and in some cases tragic, accidents.

Faulty maintenance or repair work is a potential factor in car accidents as well. If a dealership or shop in Modesto performs negligent work on a vehicle, the dealership or shop can be held liable if its negligence causes (or contributes to causing) an accident.

Other Defects and Issues

In addition to the vehicle-related issues discussed above, a variety of other issues can lead to car accidents as well. For example, if you suspect that any of the following may have been a factor in your accident (whether affecting your vehicle or another driver’s vehicle), you should hire a Modesto car accident lawyer to investigate promptly:

  • Accelerator (gas pedal) defects
  • Burnt-out head lights, taillights, or brake lights
  • Electrical system defects
  • Engine or transmission defects
  • Self-driving vehicle failures

Common Road-Related Causes of Car Accidents

Modesto has some of the worst roads in California. Unfortunately, this is also a factor that can lead to accidents. When an issue with the road is to blame (or even partially to blame) for an accident, the government agency (i.e. California Department of Transportation or Stanislaus County Public Works) that is responsible for building and maintaining the road can often be held accountable.

But, there are special rules (including shortened deadlines) for pursuing claims against government agencies in California. As a result, if you believe that your crash may have resulted from any of the following, you should speak with a car accident attorney in Modesto promptly:

  • Pot hole
  • Sink hole
  • Crumbling shoulder
  • Faded or missing lane lines
  • Missing road sign
  • Malfunctioning traffic signal
  • Visual obstruction
  • Road construction debris
  • Dangerous speed bump
  • Dangerous road design (i.e. sharp or blind curve)

Other Forms of Liability for Car Accidents

In some cases, businesses that are not directly involved in a car accident can be held liable. Since these businesses often have substantial insurance policies, pursuing this type of claim (if you have one) can be extremely important. Depending on the circumstances involved in your crash, a Modesto car accident attorney may be able to help you file a claim for:

  • Employer Liability – California law holds employers “vicariously liable” for their employees’ negligence on the job. If you got hit by someone who was working at the time of the crash, his or her employer could be liable. Accidents involving work trucks, utility vans, sales vehicles, and cars wrapped with company branding will often give rise to employer liability.
  • Dram Shop Liability – Under California’s dram shop law, bars, restaurants, and other establishments can be held liable for drunk driving accidents when they serve minors who are visibly intoxicated.
  • Social Host Liability – Social hosts (i.e. parents who host house parties) can be held liable if they knowingly furnish alcohol to someone who is under the age of 21. If a minor drinks at a house party and then causes an accident, the host of the party may be financially responsible for the crash.

Understanding California’s “Pure Comparative Fault” Law

Another law that impacts many car accident claims is California’s “pure comparative fault” law. This law applies if you were partially at fault in your accident.

If you were partially at fault, the amount you can recover can be reduced in proportion to your percentage of liability. For example, if you were 10% at fault, you would be entitled to recover 90% of your losses. But, you should never assume you were partially at fault, and you should never let the insurance companies tell you that you are entitled to anything less than a 100% recovery.

What Losses Can a Modesto Car Accident Lawyer Help You Recover?

The costs of a serious car accident can add up quickly. Fortunately, if someone else is responsible for your accident in Modesto, you are entitled to full compensation under California law. This is true regardless of the nature of your injuries, and it is true regardless of how much your injuries have cost you (and will cost you in the future).

Injuries Covered Under Auto Insurance (and Other Insurance)

If someone else (or a government entity or business) is responsible for your crash, a car accident lawyer in Modesto can help you seek compensation for all of your accident-related injuries. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Bone Injuries – Including stress fractures, compression fractures, transverse fractures, oblique fractures, and dislocations.
  • Soft Tissue and Nerve Injuries – Including sprains, strains, tears, and impingements of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in all parts of the body.
  • Injuries Requiring Stitches or Sutures – Severe cuts and lacerations caused by broken glass, broken plastic, severe impacts, and other crash-related factors.
  • Injuries Requiring Surgery – Including injuries in all parts of the body, from organs in the head, back, and abdomen to bones and soft tissue in the limbs and extremities.
  • Burns – Including burns of all severities, from first to fifth degree, whether caused by fires, explosions, extreme heat, or airbag deployment.
  • Facial Injuries – Including lacerations, burns, fractures, and other injuries to the eyes, ears, nose, jaw, chin, cheeks, and forehead.
  • Brain Injuries – Including concussions, coup-countrecoup injuries, contusions, hematomas, hemorrhages, and all other forms of traumatic brain injuries (TBI).
  • Back Injuries – Including lower back pain, herniated discs (slipped discs), nerve damage, and vertebrae fractures at all levels of the spine.
  • Infections – In some cases, open wounds suffered in car accidents can get infected, potentially leading to substantial additional medical treatment needs and costs.
  • Emotional Trauma – In addition to physical injuries, California law also entitles car accident victims in Modesto to just compensation for the costs of treating their emotional trauma and any other psychological effects of their accidents or injuries.

Types of Losses You Can Recover After a Car Accident in Modesto

Regardless of the nature of your injuries, a Modesto car accident attorney can help you seek compensation for both (i) the losses you have incurred to date, and (ii) the losses you will incur in the future. In some cases, attorneys in Modesto can help their clients recover punitive damages as well.

Recoverable damages in serious and fatal car accident cases include:

  • Financial Losses – California law entitles car accident victims and their families to just compensation for financial losses including: vehicle repair or replacement costs, medical bills, prescription costs, funeral and burial expenses, other out-of-pocket costs, loss of income and benefits, and loss of future earning capacity.
  • Non-Financial Losses – Accident victims and families in Modesto can also recover just compensation for their current and future pain and suffering, post-traumatic stress, loss of companionship and consortium, loss of services and support, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Punitive Damages – In cases involving gross negligence, intentional misconduct, and substance abuse, Modesto car accident attorneys can potentially help accident victims and grieving family members pursue claims for punitive damages.

Understanding Your Legal Rights After a Car Accident in Modesto

What else do you need to know about California’s car insurance laws? Here are some of your key legal rights after a car accident in California:

  • You have the right to an attorney. You are entitled to be represented at all stages of your claim, and you can hire a Modesto car accident attorney at no out-of-pocket cost.
  • You have the right to all relevant information. You are entitled to investigate, collect evidence, and obtain the information you need from your insurance company in order to pursue your claim successfully.
  • You have the right to choose your own doctor. You can (and should) go to a doctor of your own choosing. Do not let your insurance company tell you were to go, and do not sign a medical release unless advised otherwise by your Modesto car accident attorney.
  • You have the right to pursue all available claims. From insurance companies to vehicle manufacturers to government agencies, you have the right to sue all parties that are legally responsible for your accident-related losses.
  • You have the right to just compensation. As a car accident victim in Modesto, you are entitled to just compensation for the financial and non-financial costs of injuries.

Modesto Car Accident Statistics

Data and Figures on Car Accidents in Modesto, CA

The California Office of Traffic Safety (California OTS) ranks cities according to their risk of car accidents in various categories. Among cities in California with a population of 100,001 to 250,000, Modesto ranks as follows according to the California OTS:

  • Alcohol-Involved Accidents (DUI) Car Accidents – Modesto ranks 2 (second worst) out of 59 cities
  • Nighttime Car Accidents (between 9:00pm and 2:59am) – Modesto ranks 2 out of 59
  • Total Injury-Involved and Fatal Car Accidents – Modesto ranks 3 out of 59
  • Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians – Modesto ranks 4 out of 59
  • Hit-and-Run Car Accidents – Modesto ranks 5 out of 59
  • Speed-Related Car Accidents – Modesto ranks 5 out of 59

Modest has some other notable rankings as well. For example, the city ranks first (worst) for car accidents involving pedestrians under the age of 15. It ranks third for drunk driving accidents involving drivers under the age of 21. The OTS has also given Modesto a “composite” ranking of 1, which means that Modesto is the most dangerous city (population 100,001 to 250,000) for car accidents in California.

Here are some more notable statistics about car accidents in Modesto from the California Highway Patrol (CHP):

  • Out of all of the car accidents that occur in Stanislaus County, nearly half occur in Modesto.
  • Modesto has far more car accidents than any other city in Stanislaus County, and it has more car accidents than all of the unincorporated areas of Stanislaus County combined.
  • Failure to wear a seatbelt is a factor in roughly 10% of car accidents in Modesto.
  • More than 50% of car accidents in Modesto result in injuries or death.
  • Injury-involved and fatal car accidents have been increasing in Modesto and the rest of Stanislaus County since 2010.
  • Statistically, August and October are the most-dangerous months for car accidents in Modesto and the rest of Stanislaus County.

All of this means that if you have been seriously injured or a loved one has been killed in a car accident in Modesto, you are not alone. But, you are much more than a statistic, and you deserve to collect just compensation for your accident-related losses. An experienced Modesto car accident lawyer can help, and you can get started with a free consultation online 24/7.

Common Car Accident Locations in Modesto, CA

Car accidents can (and do) happen just about anywhere. But, statistics show that car accidents are more common in some locations than others. For example, accidents at intersections are particularly common, and interstate accidents are especially common as well. In Modesto, some of the streets, roadways, and highways with the highest rates of accidents include:

  • Briggsmore Avenue
  • CA State Route 99 (Highway 99)
  • CA State Route 108 (McHenry Avenue)
  • CA State Route 132 (Yosemite Boulevard)
  • Carpenter Boulevard
  • Claus Road
  • Paradise Road
  • Roselle Avenue
  • Scenic Drive
  • Sylvan Avenue

FAQs: How Do Modesto Car Accident Attorneys Help Their Clients?

Can I Get a Free Consultation about My Car Accident in Modesto?

Yes, Modesto car accident lawyers provide free consultations to accident victims and their families. You can request a free consultation online 24/7 through

How Much Will I Have to Pay My Lawyer (and When)?

Since Modesto car accident attorneys provide contingency-fee representation, you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket. Your attorney’s fees will be calculated as a percentage of your recovery, and you will only pay if your lawyer helps you collect just compensation.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Modesto Car Accident Lawyer?

You can find a reputable Modesto car accident lawyer through When you request a free consultation, you will be put in touch with a local attorney, and you will be able to ask as many questions as you want in order to decide if the attorney is the right choice for you.

What If I Wasn’t Wearing a Seatbelt When I Got Hit?

According to the California Highway Patrol, about 10% of all car accident victims in Modesto are not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. If you weren’t wearing a seatbelt when you got hit, you should still talk to a Modesto car accident attorney about your legal rights. Not wearing a seatbelt doesn’t necessarily mean that you share responsibility for your injuries; but, even if you do share responsibility for your injuries, you are still entitled to partial compensation under California law.

Can I Sue After a Car Accident in Modesto?

Yes, if someone else is responsible for the collision, you can sue after a car accident in Modesto. In order to sue, you will need to hire an experienced Modesto car accident lawyer promptly. Your lawyer will need to gather evidence of liability; and, before filing suit, your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance companies. Most successful car accident claims are resolved via settlement, and it might not be necessary to take your case to court.

Is It Worth Getting a Car Accident Lawyer in Modesto?

There are numerous ways Modesto car accident lawyers can help their clients. So, yes, it is absolutely worth getting a car accident lawyer in Modesto. From conducting an investigation and determining fault to calculating your losses and negotiating for a fair settlement, you will want to rely on the advice and representation of an experienced lawyer in all aspects of your car accident claim.

Can I Get a Settlement for My Car Accident in Modesto Without an Attorney?

You might be able to get a settlement without hiring a Modesto car accident attorney, but your settlement will almost certainly be for far less than you are owed. The insurance companies will use various tactics to limit the amount they pay; and, if you don’t have adequate proof of your financial and non-financial losses (including pain and suffering), you won’t be able to obtain a fair settlement on your own.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Car Accident in Modesto?

Under California law, the statute of limitations for a car accident in Modesto is two years. For non-fatal accidents, this two-year period runs from the date of the accident. In fatal accident cases, California’s statute of limitations is two years from the date of death.

Are There Other Deadlines That Apply to Car Accident Claims in Modesto?

Yes, there are also other deadlines that apply. For example, you must report the accident to the California DMV within 10 days (in most cases), and you may have a deadline to file a claim under your insurance policy as well. Special deadlines can also apply to claims against government agencies and certain other types of claims.

Can Modesto Car Accident Lawyers Help Me Obtain an Insurance Settlement?

In many cases, Modesto car accident lawyers can help their clients obtain insurance settlements. Whether your attorney can help you obtain a settlement will depend on the unique circumstances of your collision. This includes everything from the factor(s) that caused the accident to the insurance companies involved. In any case, however, hiring a lawyer is the best way to make sure you receive the full compensation you deserve.

Is it Worth It to Get a Car Accident Lawyer in Modesto?

Yes, it is absolutely worth getting an accident lawyer—especially if you were injured in your collision. Modesto car accident lawyers can help with all aspects of your recovery, from determining what claim(s) you can file to accurately calculating your financial and non-financial losses.

How Do I Find the Best Modesto Car Accident Lawyer?

It is up to you to decide who you believe is the best lawyer to handle your case. Different people have different preferences, and the factors one person considers in choosing the best Modesto car accident lawyer for them might not be the same factors you consider in choosing the best lawyer for you. The best thing you can do is to schedule a free consultation—then you can decide if you want to move forward or talk to another lawyer about your legal rights.

Talk to a Modesto Car Accident Attorney for Free

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