California Rear-End Collision Attorney

California Rear-End Collision Attorney

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Rear-end collision accident victims who will look for the best attorney.California rear-end collisions often cause serious injuries. While whiplash injuries are among the most-common, concussions, chest injuries, knee and ankle injuries, and other injuries are common as well. If you’ve been injured, you should speak with a California rear-end collision attorney promptly. You may be entitled to significant compensation, and an attorney can help you collect the compensation you deserve.

Recovering your losses after a California rear-end collision presents many challenges. You need to prove the other driver was at fault, and you also need to prove how much you are entitled to recover. California rear-end collision lawyers can help you every step of the way, and they can negotiate for a favorable settlement on your behalf. Keep reading to learn about:

Who is Liable for a California Rear-End Collision?

In most cases, the following driver is at fault (or liable) for a California rear-end collision. When a driver fails to stop in time because he or she is distracted, speeding, or following too closely, that driver can – and should – be held financially responsible.

But, there are also other possibilities. Defective brakes, hazardous road conditions, and sudden and unexpected stops can also be to blame for these accidents. As a result, it is important not to assume that you have (or don’t have) an insurance claim, but instead to consult with an experienced California rear-end collision attorney about your legal rights.

Does Auto Insurance Cover California Rear-End Collisions?

When a driver causes a California rear-end collision, that driver’s auto insurance policy should provide coverage. If you have personal injury protection (PIP), medical payments (MedPay), or uninsured/underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage under your auto insurance policy, your policy may provide coverage as well. California rear-end collision lawyers can examine the facts of your case and review your policy to determine what type(s) of claim(s) you can file.

What Do You Need to Prove Liability?

Even if it seems fairly obvious that you got rear-ended, you will still need proof of liability in order to recover your losses. This is another reason why hiring an experienced California rear-end collision attorney is crucial. Your attorney will be able to conduct an investigation and collect evidence such as:

  • Documentation of skid marks
  • Documentation of the damage to each vehicle
  • Copy of the police report
  • Copies of the other driver’s phone or employment records (to show that he or she was distracted or drowsy)
  • Traffic or surveillance camera footage
  • Eye-witness statements
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Vehicle GPS or “black box” data
  • Vehicle maintenance records
  • Other forms of forensic evidence and documentation

What Should You Do After a California Rear-End Collision?

Given the challenges involved in dealing with the insurance companies and the importance of making sure you receive just compensation, there are some steps you should take as soon as possible. After being involved in a California rear-end collision, you should:

1. Take Photos and Detailed Notes

After being involved in an accident, the more information you can record, the better. Take photos of your vehicle and your injuries, and take detailed notes to share with your California rear-end collision attorney.

2. See a Doctor

It is important that you see a doctor for treatment as soon as possible. Local California rear-end collision lawyers will be able to provide you with a referral if you don’t know where to go. Once you see a doctor, follow your doctor’s treatment advice (or seek a second opinion if necessary).

3. File an Auto Insurance Claim

In order to protect your rights under your auto insurance policy, you should file a claim with your insurer. This will ensure that you remain eligible for coverage and help protect against your policy being cancelled. If you aren’t sure how to file a claim, local California rear-end collision lawyers will be able to help with this as well.

4. Focus on Your Recovery

From getting your car back to getting back on your feet, right now, your focus should be on your recovery. Do everything you can to get better as quickly as possible—even if this means staying home from work or skipping the gym.

5. Talk to a California Rear-End Collision Attorney

If you were injured in the accident, you need to talk to an attorney. You simply have too much at stake to try to deal with your situation on your own. California rear-end collision lawyers are available 24/7, and you can get a free consultation online through

FAQs: Hiring a California Rear-End Collision Attorney

What Can a California Rear-End Collision Lawyers Do to Help Me?

California Rear-end collision lawyers can help you in many ways after an accident. This includes everything from collecting evidence of liability to calculating how much you are entitled to recover. Your lawyer can also deal with the insurance companies for you, and he or she can determine if you are entitled to compensation outside of auto insurance (i.e. for a brake failure) as well.

When Should I Contact a Lawyer After a California Rear-End Collision?

If you have been injured in a California rear-end collision, you should contact a lawyer right away. Your lawyer will want to get to work immediately, as preserving evidence and making sure you see a good doctor are crucial to preserving your ability to recover maximum compensation.

How Much Can a California Rear-End Collision Attorney Help Me Recover?

The amount you can recover depends on the extent and effects of your injuries. To a certain extent, it also depends on where you live. Different states have different laws regarding things like “no fault” auto insurance, punitive damages, and partial fault. Local California rear-end collisions lawyers will be familiar with your state’s laws and will be able to use them to your advantage.

Can I Try to Handle My California Rear-End Accident Claim on My Own?

While you can try to handle your rear-end accident claim on your own, this is not a good idea. There are too many mistakes you need to avoid, and you will need a lawyer in order to get the insurance companies to take your claim seriously in settlement negotiations. An experienced lawyer will be able to help you collect just compensation for your injuries as quickly as possible.

Rear-End Collision Lawyers are Available 24/7

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