California Construction Zone Accident Attorney

California Construction Zone Accident Lawyer

Highway construction zones present several risks for motorists. Learn about your legal rights from a California construction zone accident attorney 24/7.

A prone to accident site due to construction.Whether you commute to work on the highway or you only get on the highway occasionally to travel out of town, there is a risk that you will be involved in an accident each time you merge into traffic. But, while most drivers know to be wary of speeders and tailgaters, far fewer drivers are familiar with the risks posed by highway construction zones. As a result, accidents in these zones are common. If you’ve been injured, you should contact a California construction zone accident lawyer through

Several factors create increased risks in highway construction zones. Keep reading to learn about:

7 Common Factors in California Construction Zone Accidents

While highway construction zones present a variety of risks, some risks are particularly prevalent. Here are seven examples of risks for which a California construction zone accident lawyer may be able to help you recover financial compensation:

1. Inadequate Signage, Warnings, and Cones

Highway construction zones should be clearly marked with signs, warnings, and cones so that drivers know to be prepared. When construction zones are not adequately marked, drivers can suddenly find themselves in dangerous situations.

2. Insufficient Lane Width

In many cases, cones marking off highway construction zones will restrict the width of adjacent lanes. When a lane narrows suddenly and without warning, this can also create a dangerous situation for everyone on the road.

3. Sudden Lane Endings

In order to ensure that drivers have enough time to merge, when a lane is closed for construction, it should end gradually. When a lane ends suddenly, this can force drivers to slam on their brakes or swerve, and this can in turn lead to serious – and sometimes fatal – collisions.

4. Construction Equipment and Debris

Construction equipment obstructing open driving lanes, debris on the road, and other hazards can make even well-marked highway construction zones dangerous for drivers. Drivers who are forced to swerve or brake harshly, or whose tires lose traction, can find themselves in a situation where they are helpless to avoid an accident.

5. Aggressive Drivers

When there is a highway construction zone ahead, all drivers should exercise caution, and they should marge well in advance so that traffic can keep flowing smoothly. Unfortunately, some drivers run up the side, tailgate other drivers who they think are driving “too slow,” and engage in other aggressive driving behaviors that have a high risk of resulting in a collision.

6. Careless Drivers

In addition to aggressive drivers, careless drivers can be hazards in highway construction zones as well. Drivers who aren’t paying attention, who merge without looking, and who make other careless mistakes can be held liable when they are to blame for avoidable collisions.

7. Distracted Drivers

When approaching a highway construction zone, all drivers should pay attention and do their part to keep the situation safe. But, drivers who are on their phones are not able to do so. As a result, distracted driving is a common factor in California highway construction zone accidents.

Who Is Liable for an Accident in a California Construction Zone?

A lawyer handling a highway construction accident case.If you were injured in a California construction zone accident, who is liable for your accident-related losses? The answer to this question depends on who was at fault in the crash. In most cases, drivers and passengers who are injured in a California construction zone accidents will have claims against one or more of the following:

  • Negligent drivers (and their auto insurance companies)
  • Highway construction contractors and subcontractors
  • The state and local road authority that is responsible for the construction project

FAQs: Seeking Compensation with a California Construction Zone Accident Attorney

What Information Do I Need to Seek Compensation for a California Construction Zone Accident?

In order to seek compensation for a construction zone accident in California, you will need evidence of liability. If you took photos or video at the crash site these can help, but you will need to hire a California construction zone accident lawyer to conduct a thorough investigation as soon as possible.

Should I Contact a California Construction Zone Accident Lawyer Near the Crash Size or Where I Live?

Generally speaking, you should contact a lawyer near where your accident occurred. This is particularly true if the accident happened in a state other than the state in which you live. When you request a free consultation through, you can connect with a construction zone accident lawyer who practices in the right geographic location to handle your case effectively.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a California Construction Zone Accident Lawyer?

It does not cost anything out-of-pocket to hire a California construction zone accident lawyer. If you have a case, your lawyer will represent you on a “contingency fee” basis, which means you pay nothing unless you receive financial compensation for your highway construction zone accident. Most lawyers charge contingency fees in the range of 33% for obtaining insurance settlements, though some lawyers will charge or more less in certain cases.

How Much Can a California Construction Zone Accident Attorney Help Me Recover?

The amount a California construction zone accident attorney can help you recover depends on the extent of your financial and non-financial losses. As “compensation,” any money you receive will be intended to replace what you have lost as a result of the accident. This includes not only financial losses such as medical bills and lost earnings, but pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and other non-financial losses as well.

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